The Seminary is located on a beautifully-landscaped, three-hectare campus in the charming Guisad Valley in Baguio City. A mix of residential, administrative, and academic facilities provide a desirable place to study close to the wonders of nature.

  • The Grover F. Tyner Building provides space for offices, classrooms, chapel, and library
  • The Zacarias P. Dayot Hall provides housing for single men
  • The Libby A. Tyner Building provides ample facilities for single women
  • The Oliver J. Yost Building houses the Music Department
  • The Married Students’ Apartment building provides space for families
  • There are also facilities for faculty and guest housing, a dining hall and kitchen, a special dorm for international students, and a gymnasium
  • The Crawley-AVSTM-Bethesda Mission Center is the newest addition to the facilities, located beside the vacation cottage
  • The Amphi-Prayer Center is a favorite venue for outdoor events and small group prayer