Armand M. Canoy

President, Professor of Practical Theology

Michael R. Janapin

Academic Dean, Associate Professor of Old Testament

Ariston Bacaoco

Registrar, Associate Professor of Old Testament

Waldo V. Raposa

Associate Dean (ABGTS), Associate Professor of New Testament

Jessica Rosalie R. Raposa

Dean of Students, Assistant Professor of Christian Education

Czarina Lynne D. Sarmiento

Seminary Education by Extension (SEE) Director, Assistant Professor of Theology

Roland R. Coloma

Supervised Ministry Program (SMP) Director, Senior Lecturer in Ministry

Jimmy M. Lacquian

Music Department Director, Instructor of Church Music

Honorina D. Lacquian

Professor of Theology

Jeannard Jay C. Ticong

Instructor of Church Music

Joanna Mae Z. Melodi

Instructor of Church Music

Hyeok Seon Kwon

Associate Professor of Missiology

Robert H. Munson

Associate Professor of Missiology

Celia P. Munson

Lecturer of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Seunghyun Jo

Lecturer of Church Music

Ryanne R. Leal

Lecturer of Church Music

Sean Corpuz

Lecturer of Church Music

Francis Jr. Samdao

Teaching Fellow (Theology)

Fritz M. Melodi

Teaching Fellow (Pastoral Care and Counseling)