Student Academic Life

The maximum recommended course load for any student (especially first year) during a regular semester is 22 units, 7 academic courses and Supervised Ministry Program. During Summer Institute, the maximum is two courses. After the first year (or having completed at least 38 units), a student who maintains an average of 93 or above may be allowed a maximum of 25 units. Students desiring to enroll in classes exceeding the set maximum must have the permission of the Academic Committee on the basis of proven ability to do the work.

The maximum study load for students under a cross-enrollment program to complete college work is 10 units. A student who cross enrolls is responsible to inform the Registrar at the time of registration. Notation to this effect is to be included in the student’s file in the Registrar’s Office. (See also the rules under degrees for non-college graduates.)

The first academic year is probationary, allowing students to demonstrate their ability and to select the field they wish to pursue.

Resident students who enroll in Seminary Education by Extension must have prior approval of the faculty sitting en banc in a regular meeting.

Student Life

Life in the Seminary is more than just academic training—it is a total life experience that also involves social and spiritual aspects. The Seminary provides for a variety of social, cultural, and physical activities as organized and implemented by the Student Council.

Students must be in good physical health in order to do the required work. A medical-dental clinic located at the basement of the Canteen building is provided for the welfare of residents.

Students are likewise expected to maintain a high standard of ethical and moral conduct. Before a student can be part of the Seminary, he/she is required to sign a Student Covenant meant to build accountability and mutual responsibility and trust.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is an essential aspect of seminary training. Spiritual formation is the Spirit-led process by which we grow more into Christlikeness. Guided activities like worship and fellowship help contribute to this process.

The seminary holds worship services twice each week at the school chapel. Attendance is expected of each student since corporate worship is a part of Christian growth.

The seminary also observes special weeks devoted to spiritual development. Two such weeks are the Spiritual Emphasis Week usually held during the second term, and the Lide-Walker Bible Conference, which is held the week before the start of the fourth term in January.

Dorm Life

PBTS provides dormitories for students to stay inside the campus for the duration of their studies. Enrolled students have first priority to live in these seminary-provided dorms.

Students are encouraged to be excellent stewards of the dorm facilities entrusted to them. This includes the responsible use of water, which is not always available, and electricity, which can strain the Seminary’s financial resources.

A Dorm Council, composed of the Dean of Students plus one representative from each of the residential buildings and off-campus students, is in place to allow students to provide input into dormitory life. Concerns and queries may be brought to the Dorm Supervisor assigned to the student’s residential hall.

Student Council

Student input into the life and work of the seminary is conducted by means of the Student Council and the Dorm Council. The Student Council officers are elected once each year during the fourth term. Southern Baptist students only are eligible for the presidency of the Council, but other positions are open to all qualified students. Only those who have completed forty hours of study with a GPA of at least 80% may be nominated for a student council position.