A Seminary non-credit program with 4 various modules for pastors and wives, missionaries, foreign and local students which provides viable ways of being competitive in English. The Department is currently applying a 6 – level language set-up to further enhance the learner’s language learning skills.


In fulfilling its purpose of assisting PBTS to train and prepare God-called men and women for Christian ministry, the ESL department seeks to…

  • Provide English language acquisition through guided vocabulary building, oral and silent reading comprehension.
  • Enhance learner’s listening comprehension, practical English communication skills through conversational practices, speech drills and phonetics.
  • Improve composition and other grammar structures in English.
  • Prepare both foreign and local seminary students attain a required grade to enter and work toward a degree program in the Seminary through its English Proficiency review program.
  • Evangelize God’s words using Bible related matters while developing the learner’s four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing).
  • Assist TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) trainees in PBTS acquire quality principles on proper classroom management and English class handling.

For the department to accomplish its purpose, all enrollees are required the following:

  • vocabulary building activities
  • conversational/dialogue practices
  • classroom discussions
  • group/individual homework
  • pair/individual guided exercises
  • field exposure or practical application
  • movie review
  • audio enhancement exercises/singing/chanting
  • games
  • multi-level class experience

For more information please get in touch with the ESL Department Director.