The Lide-Walker Bible Conference is an annual gathering aimed towards creating a venue for spiritual renewal and educational enrichment. Started sometime in 1968, then the Lide-Walker Lectures, the Conference is named after the first two presidents of the seminary, Dr. Frank P. Lide (1952-1963) and Dr. Elbert H. Walker (1964-1965).

On its 50th year, last January 7-9, 2019, the Lide-Walker Bible Conference included as its main speaker, Dr. James Wilson, Professor of Leadership and Director for the Doctor of Ministry Program in Gateway Seminary. He is joined by Dr. Lizette F. Knight, former PBTS professor of Christian Education. This year’s theme is “Pastoral Ministry in the Real World”.

As plenary speaker, Dr. Wilson spoke on a series of topics, that center on the dynamics of pastoral work; this include: “Theology of Ministry”, “Impact Ministry”, “Ministry Conflict”, and “Servant Leadership”. For Wilson, pastoral ministry is founded theologically in the human participation of God’s work and “cooperating” with God’s people. The minister participates with God in serving the congregation and meeting their needs for the glory of God. Wilson also delivered the evening sermons centering on themes of grace, leadership, and Christ-centered hope.

A free public lecture was also held at the first day of the conference on “Caring for the Elderly” by PBTS alumnus, Norminda Forteza, Dr. Bong Sañosa, and Peachy Cruz. The lecture explored the realities of the geriatric stage. The lecture also presented the activities and programs of the Australian Filipino Community Services (AFCS) that respond to geriatric needs. Later that afternoon, Dr. Knight also provided a lecture on starting a “Senior Adults Ministry” anticipating her book launch “How to Start a Senior Adults Ministry” published by the Church Strengthening Ministries (CSM).

As part of the celebrations for its 50th anniversary, a P500 subsidy were given to 150 pastors, 450 book giveaways, and recipients of 50 free accommodations for the next Lide-Walker Conference. For the 51st Lide-Walker Bible Conference, Dr. Jeff Iorg, president of Gateway Seminary is expected as its plenary speaker.

Dr. Todd Hamilton, who was professor of Christian Education at PBTS from 1966 to 1990 was also present for the 50th anniversary. Hamilton expressed his affirmation in a letter to President Armand Canoy saying, “Thank you dear friends in Christ. I never dreamed that PBTS had such a loving,
generous and kind president! Nor did I ever imagine that I would see what PBTS has become – not by accident but by God’s hands touching His leaders with wisdom and love. Each of us returns with amazing happenings to share, with perfect health and strength, and with praises of our heavenly Father blessing His Temple of Learning in the Clouds near to Him.”

This year’s conference was attended by 622 registered delegates.


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