The seminary mission statement reads: “To train God-called and church-affirmed men and women for Christian ministry”. Presently, the Seminary has a total of 2,726 graduates in its more than six decades of existence. They can now be found not only in Asia, but also in North America and in the continents of Africa and Europe. God has allowed PBTS to become an influence around the globe. All praise and gratitude belongs only to God in Christ who is at the center of every thing here in PBTS.

Graduated with a Master of Arts in 2016, Mr. Olayiwola Adesegun Hammed from Nigeria, returned to PBTS for the Master of Divinity degree. Mr. Olayiwola says he still has many things to learn. When asked what these “things” are, he responded, “Many things—theologically, ministerially, culturally, socially.” Olayiwola related that he learned many things from the classroom interactions and studies under his professors. One result of his academic and theological education at PBTS is the establishment of Vision for African Mission Agency after his MA graduation. He envisions that after M.Div. studies, he will stabilize his mission agency and to reach out to Muslims. As he said Nigeria is 50% Muslim and the dominant religion is Islam. He plans to open a Bible School or start a PBTS Seminary Education Center in his place and teach there.

Mr. Olayiwola however left his wife and 4 children back in Nigeria to acquire deeper theological education to be more effective in the church work awaiting there. He has uncertain financial support and dependent on the school’s Work Study Scholarship program. This is how he sustained himself during his M.A. studies and again in his M.Div. program. “My stay at PBTS drew me closer to God and I experienced that God is hearing my prayers. I reflect and pray more. Actually, all these plans originated here at PBTS–in my classes, Dr. Waldo’s class,” Olayiwola said.

PBTS has students like Mr. Olayiwola. They come to PBTS with meager support but remain focused on theological education and go back home equipped and capable to transfer knowledge, and help the church and their ministries grow. PBTS prays for more ministry partners and prospective donors to build more scholarship programs for indigent students. We pray that PBTS will continue to be the avenue for quality education that imparts theological and ministry transformation.

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