The Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary during the year 2017 has experienced exciting challenges as well as faced some predicaments. But overall it was a pleasant year for the seminary and there are bountiful reasons to give glory and thanksgiving to God as PBTS continue to fulfill its mandate in the training of God-called men and women for Christian ministry. In retrospect of God’s faithfulness to PBTS this year, we praise and honor Him for these major accomplishments and activities.

1. The 127 graduates in March 2017 increased the total number of PBTS graduates to 2,628.

2. The growing enrollment in the resident and in the seminary extension schools:

1st Semester 2017-2018 2nd Semester 2017-2018
Resident School
First Year 47 44
 Second Year  28  35
 Third year  28  27
 Part Time 1 11
 Audit  1  0
 Total  111  117
 Seminary Educ by Extension  113  113
 ABGTS Graduate School 15 12
 English as Second Language 26  18

3. The consistent inflow of international students to study at PBTS. Last school year the student body consisted 56%. During this year it is 55%.

4. Enlargement of faculty members and their continuing faculty development program. Although PBTS continue to engage missionary and visiting faculty, it is now a fully nationalized institution.

5. Newly opened Seminary Education Extension centers: Philippines = 3; Australia = 2.

6. PBTS was granted membership to the International Council for Higher Education (ICHE) last June 2017.

7. The launching of On-line class program in September 2017 beginning with the courses in Greek 1 and Hebrew 1, taught by Dr. Waldo Raposa and Dr. Michael Janapin, respectively.

8. Partners and donors who contributed to sustain the various building and repairs projects and acquisition of equipment

  •  *A building construction of almost 14 million budget completed within 9 months was inaugurated in January 2017.
  • *Improved gymnasium–enhanced floor with rubberized paint, done in August 2017.
  • *Classrooms newly equipped with TVs, seminar tables, projectors.  Also installation of new CCTVs in the various areas of the campus.
  • *Repainting of roofs and outside walls of the Administration building and the Men’s Dormitory.

9. Individuals and organizations who are faithfully contributing financially so that the seminary could provide scholarships and grants to needy seminarians. Under the Work Study Scholarship, there are 18 students presently benefitting from this program.

10. Revenues from Christian conferences and events on campus that supplement the income from tuition fees. Likewise, interest earnings from different endowments continue to pave financial strength to the Seminary. These sources of funds provide means to reduce the cost of theological education here at the seminary at the same time support salaries and other administrative costs.

11. The PBTS had a profitable year for the past 65 years. The anniversary celebration was held on July 15, 2017.

12. Praise God for all Board members, faculty, and staff who are selflessly collaborating in doing the task of ministering and training world changers for His Kingdom.


  • *Resources for all ongoing campus development projects, including a proposed building construction to accommodate 60-70 people.
  • *More students for seminary education training Seminary Education by Extension program expansion in the USA, Africa and in Australia
  • *Fund raising campaign for student scholarships
  • *More Theological Education ministry partners and supporters
  • *Lide-Walker Conference (January 9-12, 2017)
  • *S.E.E. summit (January 12-13, 2017)
  • *Approval of BIR revalidation of tax exemption certification
  • *Student body, faculty, and staff
  • *Wisdom and guidance for the leadership of the seminary

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