In the past 64 years, the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary has richly been blessed by God as shown in the enhancement of its facilities and in the lives of its students as they were molded by God in becoming world-changer leaders. Studying here at PBTS is not really easy. In fact, it is a challenge and it entails perseverance and unwavering faith in God in order to survive this journey. One of the difficulties that a God-called servant encounters is the lack of financial support. In fact, we should never worry about whatever we need because the Lord will provide everything as He has promised but sometimes we just couldn’t help it. Due to anxiety of what will happen tomorrow or the next day, students can no longer focus on their studies and in the ministry that God has given them. But God works in mysterious ways. He uses capable people, churches, and organizations to sustain His people and it sometimes happens when they least expected it. The Lord provides in His perfect time and never fails to fulfill his promises.

The Sayote Memorial stone was built in 2014 as a symbol and recognition of God’s provision here at PBTS for the “sayote fruit” has been a good source of nutriment for those who are in need. This reminds us of the Lord’s faithfulness for the whole PBTS community especially for the students who are unable to sustain their daily needs. The sayote was built near the main gate so that every day as we glance at it, before going to class or work, we will be reminded of how the Lord continuously keeps His promise to His children who are also faithful to Him. As the Word of God says in Philippians 4:19 (NIV), “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus”, and that includes all of His children. But we should also not forget that we should, “Seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness and all this things will be given to you as well”, it means He should be our first priority before anything else so that we can receive the blessings that God has intended for us.

Every person who will keep those promises from God and put God first in his or her life will surely be blessed. Like those thousands of students who have experienced that abundant blessings of God as they stayed here in the seminary the same is also true for the present and future world-changers who will proclaim God’s Word wherever they go. These abundant blessings that this seminary is continuously receiving will not only be limited in this place but will be spread all over our neighboring communities and to the entire world.