In this generation’s need for job, wealth, success and acceptance, people tend to try and do their best to seize opportunities and even grab a “double-edged sword” in order to achieve their goals.  Issues around the world include the problem of being uneducated or being educated but unemployed. Education is the answer from experts.

Being in the Christian world, we are not excused from this kind of life’s dilemma. Or, do we also seriously address this matter? As an educational institution, what is really our goal to link our purpose in order help our students become a catalyst for change?

PBTS aims to promote a kind of solution through quality theological education to produce world changers. Many Christians go for theological education for deeper understanding of the Word of God. Our seminary has offered a four-term system of education for the past years. For the returning students, they used to be in the classroom one hour a day, four days in a week in two months; passing of requirements has been fast and furious to rush for the due date, and even excited for the term break to come and enjoy the holiday.

This school year, the historic Reformation Period has begun through the Semestral System of Education. This coming school year, though there will be changes in academic schedule, and waiting for finals would take time, as it will not only be a challenge but also an encouragement to pursue excellence. Education does not matter on how fast or slow time passes in order to finish the race for the pursuit of quality education, but on how we go deeper and wider until great things, not only simple things would happen and be applied as an evidence of excellence. As seminarians, we intend to grab the double-edged sword for greater knowledge and understanding of the Word of God that we can share to this wisdom-seeking world and address the need of this generation’s goal – being educated and employed. Our products then, should also be educated and employed as world-changers not only in a shallow and narrow way.


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