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Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity is a professional graduate degree that enhances individuals to demonstrate a high level of competence in theoretical analyses and practical skills in the pastoral ministry and other areas of professional Christian ministry. Graduates of this program are expected to demonstrate competence in handling complex problems in the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of the ministry. They are also expected to be able to reproduce pastors, Christian educators, church planters, and chaplains through the extension centers of the seminary. This degree program also prepares students for postgraduate studies.


BI 1 —Interpreting the Bible

OT 1 —Old Testament 1

OT 2 —Old Testament 2

NT 1 —New Testament 1

NT 2 —New Testament 2

GR 1 —Biblical Greek 1

GR 2 —Biblical Greek 2

HE 1 —Biblical Hebrew 1

HE 2 —Biblical Hebrew 2

RD 0 — Theological Thinking and Writing

SMP — Supervised Ministry Program (6 units)

SMP-IP — Internship (4 units)

RD 2 —Thesis/Ministry Project (4 units)

CH 1 —Church History

CH 2 —Baptist History & Distinctive

TH 1 —Christian Theology 1

TH 2 —Christian Theology 2

TH 3 —Gospel and Cultures

ET 1 —Christian Ethics

NT ___ —New Testament Book

OT ___ —Old Testament Book

NT Research

OT Research

Free Elective

BP 1 —Sermon Crafting and Delivery

BP 2 —Preaching with Variety

CE 1 —Educational Ministry of the Church

CE 2 —Principles of Transformative Education

MI 1 —Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MI 2 —Contemporary Issues in Missions

ML 1— Leadership and Administration

ML 2 —Pastoral Ministry

MM 1 —Introduction to Worship

PC 1 —Pastoral Care and Counseling

RD 1 —Research and Design