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Master of Arts in Missiology

Master of Arts in Missiology

The Master of Arts in Missiology is a professional degree program that aims to provide further training for missionaries and others who are called to serve in intercultural ministry either in a church setting or missionary institutions.

Special Requirement

This degree program requires a cross-cultural internship (E3) after the first year of study. “Cross” means ministering to people other than one’s own ethnic group. This does not necessarily require out-of-the-country ministries.

Students with two or more years of substantial experience in multicultural ministries (as determined by the Academic Dean) may substitute four units of electives for the internship after receiving written approval from the Academic Dean.


BI 1 —Interpreting the Bible

OT 1 —Old Testament 1

OT 2 —Old Testament 2

NT 1 —New Testament 1

NT 2 —New Testament 2

MI 1 —Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MI 2 —Contemporary Issues in Missions

MI3 —Strategic Planning and Missionary Philosophy in Missions

MI 4 —Cultural Anthropology

MI ___ —Missions Elective

MI ___ —Missions Elective

MI ___ —Missions Elective

Missions Research

CH 1 —Church History

TH 1 —Christian Theology 1

TH 3 —Gospel and Cultures

ET 1 —Christian Ethics

SMP — Supervised Ministry Program (4 units)

SMP-IP —Internship (4 units)

RD 0 —Theological Thinking and Writing

BP 1 —Sermon Crafting and Delivery

CE 1 —Educational Ministry of the Church

MM 1 —Introduction to Worship

PC 1 —Pastoral Care and Counseling

Free Elective in the Practical Area