Program Background

In the mid-1980s, PBTS recognized the need to equip and reach out to the general church membership, not just the pastors. There was also a growing necessity to train more leaders in addition to what the resident theological institutions (PBTS in Baguio and Mindanao Baptist Bible School in Davao City) were providing.

The result was the Seminary Education by Extension (SEE) program, a legitimate means to benefit from seminary training at a more economical cost and at the learner’s own pace. SEE offers the opportunity for workers to be equipped adequately without having to transfer and live in the Baguio campus.

SEE Philosophy

Supplies training where students live, work, and minister

Emphasizes instruction and information through self-study; the teacher is a facilitator

Meets at a flexible time and place

Integrates study and practical ministry

Needs minimal cost to begin and maintain training

Avails of existing resources from the local context, i.e. churches, pastors, facilities, etc.

Responsibility for independent study rests on the learners

Yields more students and credits earned into the resident program

Education at its best, nationally and internationally,


Extension of expertise of theological educators, local leaders, and other ministers

SEE Centers

To date, you can receive SEE training through accredited Centers in the following locations:

  • Philippines
    • Cagayan Valley
    • Baguio-Benguet
    • La Union
    • Pangasinan
    • Pampanga
    • Tarlac
    • Nueva Ecija
    • Bulacan
    • Metro Manila
    • Cavite
    • Laguna
  • International Centers
    • Africa
    • Hong Kong
    • Myanmar
    • Singapore
    • India
    • Middle East
    • Thailand
    • Select locations in the United States