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Theology Department
Starts: 27 May, 2016
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Instructors: Dr. Robert H. Munson, Dr. Czarina Lynne Sarmiento, Mrs. Christine J. Escobar, Mr. Gerry Escobar, Mrs. Celia Munson, Mr. Francis Jr S. Samdao, Mr. Rushulo Seb, Mr. Jeannard Jay C. Ticong, Mr. Fritzgerald P. Tong, Miss Joanna Mae I. Zambrano, Dr. Roland Coloma, Dr. Honorina Lacquian, Dr. Gilbert Montecastro
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The Bachelor of Theology Degree is designed to equip and prepare students for full-time Christian ministry with ordination in mind.  Because PBTS only accepts students into the BTh program who already have earned two years of college studies (or have completed a two-year college program), the curriculum plan is focused on the foundations of biblical studies, historical-theological area and the broad areas in practical ministries within the span of two years in residential studies.

Graduates are expected to pastor a local church upon graduation. They can also proceed to Master of Arts in Ministry, Master of Arts in Missions, and Master of Divinity subject to the requirements of the respective graduate programs.


The Bachelor of Theology program requires the following 74 units of academic credit for graduation.

Biblical Studies (15 Units)
BI-B1 – Biblical Hermeneutics
OT-B1 – Old Testament Introduction
NT-B1 – New Testament Introduction
Practical (42 Units)
BP-B1 – Biblical Preaching 1
BP-B2 – Biblical Preaching 2
CE-B1 – Educational Ministry of the Church
CE-B2 – Principles of Transformative Education
MI-B1 – Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
MI-B2 – Contemporary Issues in Missions
ML-B1 – Administration and Leadership in the Church
ML-B2 – Pastoral Ministry
ML-B3 – Church Stewardship
MM-B1 – Introduction to Worship
PC-B1 – Pastoral Care and Counseling
PC-B2 – Interpersonal Relationships
Free Elective in the Practical Area
Theology – History (15 Units)
TH-B1 – Christian Theology
TH-B2 – Gospel and Cultures
HT-B1 – Church History
HT-B2 – Baptist History & Distinctive
ET-B1 – Christian Ethics
 Institutional Requirements (8 Units)

SMP Weekly Ministry Program (4 Units)
SMP-IP – Internship (4 Units)
RD 0 – Theological Thinking and Writing


    • Michelle kristinn m. de leon

      i know it is too early to inquire for next school year and too late for me to get accepted this year but i would like to know more about the initial details on how to apply and what are the requirements to be fulfilled to be a student in theology.. May i apply online? where will i get the application form? how much will it cost to study at pbts as well as dorm rates? do you allow walk-in campus visitors? I hope you can help me. Thank you…

      • mhacleth

        Yes, please visit us.
        We will be happy to assist you in anyway possible. Please contact Ms. Esther Seb at 0998 884 8270. She will be happy to answer your queries.

    • Michelle kristinn m. de leon

      i tried sending a message to the number mentioned but the answer was wrong number. do you allow visitors who would like to see pbts for the first time? i prefer to make personal inquiries. i really want to see the campus. do i need to get an appointment? whom shall i contact? Thanks for your assistance.

      • mhacleth

        Kindly call our information office at 0998 884 4306 and look for Miss G.B.
        There is actually no need to set up an appointment. Just come and visit us at 19 Tacay Road, Guisad, Baguio City.

        • michelle kristinn m. de leon

          I tried texting the number mentioned but no reply yet. Does pbts accept second-semester new enrollees? Thank you for accommodating my questions.

          • mhacleth

            Yes, we accept new students for the second semester.

    • michelle kristinn m. de leon

      Thank you for responding to my messages. Am really interested to study at pbts. Approximately how much do i need to prepare for tuition fees and other financial requirements like dorm and other fees for one semester? Again, thank you.

      • Esther Seb

        Hi Michelle. Thanks for your interest in studying at PBTS. I have sent the schedule of fees to your email. Hope it will help in your inquiry. God bless!

    • Nathan Mairife

      HI, i’ m interested to know more about the course offered. Will it be possible for you to email the information to me on the my address above.

      • Esther Seb

        Sure, Nathan. I will send the courses offered to your email soon.

    • Bernabe codamon jr.

      Great day,i would like to also inquire about the schedules and infos for the courses, my email add is thank you for your response

    • Bernabe codamon jr.

      And also the fees thank you



    • Ann Marjorie D.c abad

      Hi! im marj. Last summer April 2016, our church had our outing @ baguio. we stayed at pbts. the facilities are good. i became interested in enrolling to the seminary. may i know the tuition fees? and the dorm fees. Im planning to enrol for bachelor in church music. your response is highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Llewel

      I am also interested to study at much will it cost for me to be a student in theology?please send me the details, I would really appreciate it. Thank you

    • John Stephen Nathan S. Ebrada

      I’ve already graduated in Theology from Bethany Baptist Bible College. With all due respect, your servant would want to pursue his studies in your school. Do you have online courses? Or if not how could I enroll in your school? Who should I contact regarding the details? Thanks so much. Godspeed.

    • MIRA

      Good day,
      I, am interested to study at much will it cost for me to be a student in theology?please send me the details, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

      • esthergseb

        Good day to you too. Thank you for your interest in studying at PBTS. The cost for total school fees for one year if you are single is around 78,000 Pesos except meals.


      HI, i’ m interested to know more about the course offered. Will it be possible for you to email the information INCLUDING FEES.. THANKS! MMABANTA@CCC.NET

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