Admission Requirements

To be enrolled in the Seminary, a student must:

All correspondence concerning enrollment should be addressed to:

The Registrar
Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
P.O. Box 7, Baguio City
Or email:

English Proficiency

The language of instruction in the seminary is English, so a student applying for admission must demonstrate proficiency in English. Student applicants must have a score of 80% or higher on the internet-based TOEFL or the seminary administered English test to be eligible to enter and work toward any degree program.

Those who cannot demonstrate an acceptable level of ability to work in English (a score of 79% and below) must take classes in the English as Second Language (ESL) program of the seminary until the required level of proficiency is attained. During this time, however, no academic credit will be given to ESL students.

Another option is to enter the non-degree programs of the seminary which do not require an English Exam.

The seminary-administered English Exam should be taken by all incoming students before they can enroll in any class. The schedule of these exams can be found in the Academic Calendar which will be posted on the school bulletin boards and the seminary website.

Application for Admission

Application for Admission should be completed preferably six months before the start of the semester. This process includes the following:

  1. Completed Application for Admission Form (form provided by the seminary or may be downloaded from PBTS website DOWNLOAD HERE). The Admission Form is composed of several parts which includes (page numbers indicated below refer to the Admission Form):
    1. Application Form (pp.3-6)
    2. Church Recommendation (pp.7-9). A recommendation signed by the pastor and church secretary from the church of which the applicant is a member. A form will be furnished to the church suggesting the items to be considered in making the recommendation. This recommendation must be by vote of the congregation and not just from the pastor or church secretary. The applicant should have been an active member of the recommending church for at least one year before entering the Seminary. Some circumstances clearly explained , may allow exceptions to this one-year rule on faculty approval.
    3. Medical Certificate (p. 10). A certificate of medical examination with chest x-ray and other laboratory results, which include but not limited to tests for all forms of Hepatatis, for each applicant and each child in the family over ten years old.
    4. Recommendation for Admission (3 copies, pp. 11-16).
    5. Application for On-Campus Houses (p. 17). This will only be accomplished if the applicant wishes to stay on-campus.
  2. Payment of Application Fee. The applicant pays at the Finance Office in cash or check. Payment can also be done through a bank deposit. The bank details are as follows:

    Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
    Account Name: Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary
    Account Number: 0561-0297-68

  3. Two copies of 2×2 colored ID Pictures.
  4. An original transcript of all college and other credits previously earned, including date of graduation and Special Order number (if applicable) . The Special Order number is for Filipinos only.
  5. A photocopy of the applicant’s latest Community Tax Certificate (for Filipinos only).
  6. A computer printed personal statement relating the applicant’s conversion, Christian service, and call into the full time Christian Ministry.
  7. English Exam Result (TOEFL or PBTS-administered English Exam). A minimum rating of 80% is required for a student to enter any degree programs.
  8. Returning students who have have been away for one year or more will be required to submit the following: application form, church recommendation, and medical certificate. The Registrar will notify the students about the status of the application after submission of needed documents.