Additional Requirements for International

PBTS has been authorized to accept foreign missionary-in-training students by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation through the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC). Thus, PBTS is able to process Pre-arranged Employment Visa (Non-Commercial) (9G) or Missionary Visa. However, it is the responsibility of the applicant to acquire the necessary visa they need upon arrival in the Philippines.

Transfer of Credits

Applicants who have previously attended other schools offering similar studies should send to the Registrar copies of their transcripts for evaluation. As per policy, a maximum of 40 units (one year of study) may be credited by PBTS.

Notice of Approval

When the admissions committee has accepted an applicant for Seminary study, a notice of approval will be sent immediately. Applicants should not proceed to the seminary until they have received notice that their application has been approved. The seminary will not necessarily admit students who arrive on campus without having received a written notice of approval. Seminary housing will be available only to students formally accepted and then only for the school year. First year students are accepted on a probation basis. Second and third year admission is only by a letter of invitation issued by the Academic Committee.

Time of Arrival for Students

Students approved for admission should arrive on campus for the beginning of a new school year on the day before the scheduled English Exam. Families with school-age children may arrange through the Registrar to arrive earlier in order to enroll their children in their respective schools.

School Calendar

The school year usually begins on the second or third Monday of June and ends on the first or second week of March. Classes are on a semester system (one semester lasts for fifteen weeks), with a three-week break between semesters. A longer break period is provided from mid December to mid-January.