School Term

The regular school year usually begins on the second or third Monday of June and ends on the first or second week of March. Classes are on a semestral system (one semester lasts for 16 weeks), with a one-week break between terms. A longer break period is provided at the middle of the second semester, lasting from mid-December to mid-January.

The Curriculum Plan

All academic classes in the Seminary curriculum earn three units, unless otherwise specified, and are placed in one of three categories, which include:

  • Biblical Studies Area – The purpose of the Biblical Studies Area is to enable the Christian minister to understand the text and context of the Bible for ministry. (This area includes : bible Interpretation, Biblical Languages, Hermeneutics, New Testament , Old Testament).
  • Historical-Theological Studies Area – The purpose of the Theology & History Studies Area is to enable the Christian minister to understand the historical contents of the Christian faith and their implications for the ever-changing cultural context. (This area includes: Ethics, History, Philosophy, and Theology).
  • Practical Studies Area – The purpose of the Practical Studies Area is to train and develop ministers in the skills and character traits needed for Christian ministry. (This area includes: Christian Education, Evangelism, Ministerial Leadership – Administration, Missions, Music, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Preaching, and Worship.

Degree Programs

PBTS offers degree programs, in theology and in music, that aim to equip God’s servant-leaders in various facets of the ministry.  Each degree program is designed to have a balance of rigorous theological thinking and practical hands-on training. In order to be able to enter into a program, a student must comply with the basic entrance requirements stated in this section.

Entrance Requirements for Degree Programs

All students desiring to enter any of the degree programs must meet its set requirements.

  • For the two-year degree programs:
  1. Finished a four-year college or university bachelor’s degree of no less than 140 credit units.
  2. Achieved a minimum of 81 percent average in seminary work through the first year of study.
  • For the three-year degree programs:
  1. Same as above but with a modification for the Grade Point Average and Research.
  2. A minimum 85 percent average in seminary work up to the second year of study, and
  3. Have demonstrated the ability to write an acceptable academic research paper evidenced by a minimum grade of 85 percent in RD 361.
  • For non-college graduates:
  1. Completed at least 74 college units, including 12 units in English; or
  2. Completed at least a two-year vocational course, including 12 units in English

Entrance Requirements for Non-Degree Programs

PBTS offers certificate and associate programs for students who do not intend to enter into a regular degree program. Applicants need only to accomplish the application forms.

Academic Calendar

Here are the notable dates for PBTS School Year 2018-2019:

April 9, 2018 Summer Class Enrollment
April 10 Summer Class Begin
April 21 Summer Class Finals
April 22 – June 3 Summer Break
June 4 (2pm) English Proficiency Exam
June 5-8 General Orientation
June 11 Classes Begin
June 18 Convocation
June 12-13 Preliminary Exam
June 13 Foundation Day
August 16-17 MidTerm Exam
August 28-31 Spiritual Emphasis Week
Sept. 20-21 First Semester Final Exam
Sept. 22-Oct. 6 Semestral Break
Oct. 1 2nd Semester English Exam
Oct. 2-5 2nd Semester Enrollment
Oct. 8 2nd Semester General Orientation
Oct. 9 Classes Begin
Nov. 8-9 Preliminary Exam
Nov. 15-16 Seminary Sports Fest
Dec. 13-14 Midterm Exam
Dec. 15-31 Christmas Break
Jan. 7-9, 2019 Lide-Walker Bible Conference
Jan. 10 Grand Alumni Homecoming
Jan. 11 6th SEE Summit
Jan. 22 Classes Resume
March 5-6 Finals
March 7 Graduation Banquet
March 8 62nd Commencement Exercises