Marty Reid (PhD, NT, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) gave a lecture entitled, “Biblical Exegesis and the Structure and Theology of Romans” last July 22, 2019 at the Chapel A from 2pm to 5pm for the Foundation Day Lectures. Dr. Armand Canoy, president of PBTS wonders if a Foundation Day lecture series may become a tradition. The lecture was attended by pastors, seminarians, PBTS faculty, Seminary Extension facilitators and other PBTS alumni.

Reid gave a personal testimony of his career trajectory beginning as a young New Testament academic towards a shift in finance. Reid now serves as president of the Reid Financial Consulting, Inc. established in Lincolnton, North Carolina in 2004. Reid however says how he still enjoys teaching students the New Testament.

After some brief autobiographical comments, Reid proceeded to deliver a lecture on a rhetorical analysis of the epistle of Romans. For Reid, though an epistle, it is best to see Paul writing his letter as rhetoric, which was a persuasive form of communication in the hellenistic culture of the world of the New Testament. Reid then elaborated on the rhetorical structure of Romans as discourse.

Reid proceeded with a brief exhortation on the necessity of nurturing the spiritual life alongside the intellectual. The lecture was attended by more than 100 participants.

Dr. Reid with some PBTS faculty and staff taken after the lecture.

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