The first quarter of the year is often referred to as the “recital season” by the PBTS Music Department. As a requirement for the Master of Church Music program, a Major/Graduation Recital must be presented by students pursuing MCM with emphasis on Voice and/or  Conducting. Only after passing the preliminary performance of the complete repertoire in front of the jury can a graded Major Recital be done. 

This year, four MCM students conducted their major recitals: three in voice, and one in choral conducting. Paushi Nan Htoi Aung, an MCM student from Myanmar, presented his major voice recital on January 28, 2019. This was followed by Asane Kha, an MCM student from India, on February 1, and Naghman Javed, an MCM student from Pakistan, on February 4, 2019. All presented vocal solo pieces representing various musical eras and genres. Medokhrieu Pfukri, an MCM student from India who had her major voice recital during the first semester of this school year, presented her major conducting recital with the Baguio City Four Square Church Choir on February 11. Her focus was on Western folk-sacred, South and Southeast Asian folk-sacred, and 21st-century choral works by numerous composers.

Added to the four Major Recitals, a Group Recital was also presented by students taking ACM, BCM, and MCM- Ministry Leadership last February 15. The recital featured piano solos and duets, guitar trio, a violin solo, voice solos, and voice ensembles.

All the recitals were followed by warm fellowships between the PBTS community, that includes the faculty, staff, and seminarians, and the local churches from within and outside Baguio City. Aside from being an academic requirement, a recital is a great avenue for the students and the seminary to minister to people through music and above all, to express praise and worship to God, the Creator and Giver of music.   


Jeannard Jay Ticong

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