In the middle of a small portion of land with grown pine trees beside the gymnasium centers the bonfire—rough, dirty, purposely just for burning all sorts of trash. Nobody pays attention except that occasionally people will gather there and make bonfire to warm themselves especially during “winter” time in Baguio City. But one person saw its usefulness beyond just dumping and burning trash— the president of PBTS. So there it is, the old bonfire is being improved and remodeled. Eight hand-shaped concrete seats are being constructed around the bonfire area. These seats become symbolical as they represent the past eight presidents of PBTS: Dr. Francis P. Lide (1952-1964), Dr. Elbert H. Walker (1964-1966), Dr. Grover F. Tyner, Jr. (1966-1987), Dr. Paul Johnson (1987-1989), Dr. Robert N. Nash (1989-1990), Dr. D. Leslie Hill (1991-1998), Dr. Alfredo G. Saure (1999-July 2006), and Dr. Joyce J. Abugan (Aug 2006-Sept 2012). I guess their names will be engraved on the chairs. But where’s the seat for the 9th president? Well Dr. Canoy said, “I still have a chair so no need for one yet!”

The new image of the bonfire—to be called “The Presidential Bonfire” may remind the seminary community one way or another about the “story-ical” heritage of each of the president during their respective era. I believe it not only adds nostalgic memories in the life of the seminary, but also makes the next leaders in-line aware of their own journey of leadership.

Nonetheless, imagining the new face of the bonfire space will seemingly invite more people to sit for comfort, look out of curiosity or be warmed as glitters of fire will be lighted at the Presidential Bonfire area.

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