by Dr. Nori D. Lacquian

Summer is the time of the year my family and I look forward to. This is the moment we have been praying for and saving money for. Summer time is Asia-Vision Short-Term-Missions- time. This is when we get involved in two-week pre-field training of a number of short-term missionaries going out in the different ministry areas they will be assigned. This year, there were 33 of them assigned to teach English to children, youth, and adults. They will do menial jobs, like digging the ground to build comfort rooms in the rural area of Cambodia. Some of them will take part in prayer and intercessions, visitations, and encouraging fellow church leaders in places where there are limitations to Christian activities. They will also teach music, worship, and discipleship. Some of them will share God’s word through preaching and personal testimonies. All of these are done for the glory of God and for sharing the love of God through the ministry of presence.

This year, my family and I went to Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. Jimmy and our son Ycoi taught music in two places with the help of interpreters. I worked with 22 pastors and church leaders and shared basic knowledge on preaching.

We were in a home with a rice mill, windows closed, and in a dimly lit room. I called them “Friends in the Rice Mill.”

It was hard to teach with this language barrier but I believe we have made progress and in the future we will make more progress. Ryanne Leal, one of our music teachers also led a group on how to teach Sunday School. Along with these, we get to visit other workers in the fields and hopefully we were able to minister to them through listening and spending time with them.

My reflection still is that, going out to missions is not a one-man-band. It means partnership. PBTS administration allows us to go and take part in missions work as part of our administrative leave. Our church family, Baguio Chinese Baptist Church supports us in many different ways. Both these institutions hold the end of the rope for us together with our families and friends

This year, our AVSTM theme is “Chain-Reaction” with the purpose of making Missions endeavor a decision of an individual person who will be supported by one’s family, church, other institutions, and friends from different walks of life. When one is sent, all others will be moved. The more missionaries are sent, the more people will get involved directly or indirectly, all in response to the Great Commission mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us keep this chain reaction moving. Pray for and support AVSTM. Let us all take part in God’s mission.

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