Delia Warren (M.Div ‘19) and Kenino Nakhro (M.Div ‘18) recently presented their M.Div thesis at the 7th National Conference on Catechesis and Religious Education at the De La Salle University last April 26-28, 2018. The conference aims to explore the cultivation of an “inclusive faith” and the role of the clergy, religious, and the laity in transformative education in both informal and formal settings. Together with them is their paper’s adviser, Dr. Rosalie Jessica Raposa, professor of Christian Education at the Seminary.

Nakhro’s paper is entitled, “The Development of Values Education Curriculum Based on the Study of the Decalogue as an Alternative Moral Education Framework in Alderville School, Nagaland, India”. In her paper, Nakhro proposes the use of the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) found in Deuteronomy 5:1-21 as curriculum framework for values education among elementary level learners in the Alderville School. She conducted qualitative interviews among various stakeholders in order to characterize values education in their context.

Warren’s paper entitled, “Developing Positive Learning Environment (PLE) in Promoting Student Engagement in a Theological Classroom”. Utilizing qualitative methodology, Warren attempted to explore how a positive learning environment fosters learning and student engagement. The results of her study indicated 3 elements (physical, psychological, instructional learning environments) that contribute to a positive learning environment.

“This is the time to honor the Lord with your work…This is the fruit of your labor and you are giving it to the Lord. That’s the number one motivation”, says Dr. Raposa to her two mentees.

For Raposa, there is much to learn from other religious educators. Likewise, Evangelicals can contribute significantly in the conversation of faith nurturance in the broader Christian context.

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