Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary welcomes into its community 111 seminarians for the school year 2017-2018. For this year, 37 seminarians join the community for the first time as freshmen. Continuing its desire to become a place of formation for ministerial leaders for the global church, it currently has 62 international students from: Bangladesh (3), Hong Kong (1), India (6), Korea (7), Myanmar (36), Nepal (1), Pakistan (3), Philippines (Luzon: 41, Visayas: 2, Mindanao: 6), Samoa (1), Thailand (1), USA (3).

Majority of this year’s resident seminarians belong to the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program with 59 enrolled, 9 in the Master of Arts in Ministry while 8 are accepted into the Bachelors of Theology (BTh). Those enrolled in the Associate for Ministerial Training are 2. For those majoring in missions, there are 6 enrolled in the Masters in Missiology (MA Miss) program. Seventeen (17) are enrolled in the Master of Church Music (MCM), 1 in the Bachelors in Church Music (BCM), and 7 are enrolled in the Associate in Church Music (ACM).

Continue to be in prayer for PBTS as it proceeds in its mission to be a venue where men and women are formed, by the power of the Spirit, to become teachers, ministers, and leaders in the Philippines, Asia, and beyond.

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