BIG Q:  What’s New in PBTS?  BIG A:  PBTS is truly soaring high—academically, spiritually, socially, and physically.  All because we have a BIG God, our great provider and source of wisdom and strength!  Thanks to all ministry partners, friends, and the PBTS family for the support and prayers.  What PBTS is at present is all about the sacrifices and visions of the founding leaders which are being carried on by the faithful , vibrant and rising leaders of the seminary today.

The PRESIDENTIAL BONFIRE.   In the middle of a small portion of land with grown pine trees beside the gymnasium centers the bonfire—rough, dirty, purposely just for burning all sorts of trash.  Nobody pays attention except that occasionally people will gather there and make bonfire to warm themselves especially during “winter” time in Baguio City.  But one person saw its usefulness beyond just burning trash— the president of PBTS.  So there it is, the old bonfire is being improved and remodeled.   Eight hand-shaped concrete seats are being constructed around the bonfire area.  These seats become symbolical as they represent the past eight presidents of PBTS:  Dr. Francis Lide, Dr. Elbert Walker, Dr. Grover Tyner, Dr. Paul Johnson, Dr. Robert Nash, Dr. Leslie Hill, Dr. Alfredo Saure, and Dr. Joyce Abugan.  I guess their names will be engraved on the chairs.  But where’s the seat for the 9th president?  Well Dr. Canoy said, “I still have a chair so no need for one yet!”  

The new image of the bonfire—to be called “The Presidential Bonfire” may remind the seminary community one way or another about the “story-ical” heritage of each of the president during their respective era. I believe it not only adds nostalgic memories in the life of the seminary, but also makes the next leaders in-line aware of their own journey of leadership.

Nonetheless, imagining the new face of the bonfire area, will seemingly invite more people to sit for comfort, look out of curiosity or to be warmed as glitters of fire will be lighted at the Presidential Bonfire area.

BUILDING SOON TO RISE.   A time to tear down and a time to build,” (Ecc 3:3b).  Another BIG thing happening in the campus of PBTS is the tearing down of the old guest unit structure and building in its stead the “PBTS-ABGTS Bahay ng Alumni.”  It is a three-storey guest unit building, a 13 million construction project expected to be completed by December 2016.  The new and upgraded guest unit facilities will attract more guests and eventually increase income for PBTS.  The income generated from these sources actually will help lower school fees making seminary training cost more affordable.  However, there is an ongoing fund raising campaign for the furnishing of the guest units.  For future stay, subsequently one needs to contribute at least P1,000.00 ($23.00) for an overnight accommodation, good for 2 persons.  Certainly the rate will go up as soon as the project is completed so better hurry while the price is on promo!

OTHER FACILITIES  that have undergone facelifts and renovations are the applied music practice rooms in the Music Building and the prayer rooms in the Amphitheater.  Glass doors and glass partitions were installed.  The enhanced practice rooms will hopefully inspire the music students to perfect their practices.  The prayer room as well looks neat and spiritually inviting with its new appearance.

The SOOK YOON CHOI FOUNTAIN is in memory of Ms. Choi, PBTS  missionary piano professor.  She passed away on February 28, 2016 in the midst of students’ recital performance practices.  Part in remembering Ms. Choi’s dedicated service to the seminary was the launching of the Yoon Sook Choi Scholarship Fund for music students on May 5, her birthdate.


There’s also a BIG academic curriculum change in PBTS!  This 2016-2017 academic year is the first implementation of the semester system at PBTS and the separation of classes for the M.Div. and the Bachelor students.  In support to this direction the seminary invited new faculty members to join its teaching team:  Contractual faculty:  Dr. Czarina Sarmiento, Theology; Part-time faculty: Celia Munson, Pastoral Care; II Samuel Onahon, Preaching; Fritzgerald Tong, Church History; Joylene Faith Crisostomo, Theology; Francis Samdao, Theology; Gerry Escobar, Old Testament; Christine Escobar, Christian Education;  Rushulou Seb, Missions; Letty Ngoslab, Ministerial Leadership; and Joanna Maye Zambrano, Music. Also under the Supervised Teaching Program of the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, doctoral candidate Tu Ring will be teaching a New Testament course.


Summer, April 20 – May 6, 2016:  30 students
First Semester,  June 14 – September 30,  2016
First year                     43
Second year                43
Third Year                  29
Total                        115

Graduate School (ABGTS)
Th.M.                            6
Th.D.                             5
Writing                        17
Total                          28

English as Second Language:  14 students

President:   Jerome Ocampo
Vice President:   Eleazar Pimentel
VP-Academic:   Naomi Kepen
VP-Social:   John Paul Arceno
Secretary:    Michelle Cayabyab
Treasurer:   Celestina Botacion
Auditor:   Le Ngoc Thao Quyen

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