It’s a new school year, brand new faces, new environment and, new challenges!  What else would one expect as he enters this theological training ground? For two to three years this beautiful campus would be a person’s “home sweet home” away from home.  Students come from various places and countries just because of the higher calling they would like to fulfill.  Seminary or theological training is indeed a noble decision coupled with sacrifice.  Sacrifice in a sense that one has to surrender his or her personal ambitions, leaving family and loved ones temporarily, and to live with less convenience and luxury.  Yet, in return as they obey their Saviour, the Master Teacher, greater blessings will come as a result.

Seminary life is beautiful, exciting, and full of challenges!  It is a family composed of many nationalities– a diverse culture.  Learning especially from fellow students and professors both in the classrooms and outside its four walls is very helpful and interesting.  The academic endeavor and learning requires discipline as the experience from secular education is quite different.

However, seminary life is not all that “bed of roses” “of comfort.”  It is also a place where our faith is being tested.  Sometimes doubts that clouds one’s mind “Why God brought me here?” becomes clearer. Others might think “I cannot do it through the end!”  In conclusion, the fruit of one’s labor is culminated as he or she wears the graduation robe and march on the stage!  This is the joy, I believe, the crown that stamped the sacrifice when one first steps on the ground of PBTS.  To God be the glory!

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