Celia P. Munson

Lecturer in Pastoral Care and Counseling

  • Saint Louis University (BS – Nursing)
  • Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv)
  • Diplomate in CPE/CPT Supervision (Collegium of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy)

Celia Munson is a missionary to the Philippines since 2004 along with her husband, Dr. Bob Munson. She taught courses in pastoral care including: Introduction to Pastoral Care and Interpersonal Relationships. Celia is a pastoral counselor accredited by the Collegium of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) as diplomate. Celia and Dr. Bob has three children: Joel, Esther, and Becky.

Selected Publications

  • Munson, Celia & Robert Munson. The Art of Pastoral Care (Principles of Pastoral Care Book 1). Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2016.
  • ________ & Robert Munson. Dynamics in Pastoral Care: Enhancing Transformative Soul Health (Principles of Pastoral Care Book 2). Baguio City: MM-Musings, 2021.