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Master in Christian Ministry

Master in Christian Ministry

The Master in Christian Ministry is a degree program intended to promote students’ growth in personal maturity and professional ministry competence. It is designed to equip students for effective service in the varied areas of ministry which include, but are not limited to, preaching, teaching, church planting, personal counseling, chaplaincy, and evangelism.

It seeks to help students to develop the ability to understand and interpret the Christian faith in the light of its biblical, theological, and historical contexts and to utilize insights gained from these disciplines for the effective practice of ministry in the church, the community, and the world.


BI 1 — Interpreting the Bible

OT 1 —Old Testament 1

OT 2 —Old Testament 2

NT 1 —New Testament 1

NT 2 —New Testament 2

SMP — Supervised Ministry Program (4 units)

SMP-IP—Internship (4 units)

RD 0 —Theological Thinking and Writing

CH 1 —Church History

CH 2 —Baptist History & Distinctive or any CH Elective

TH 1 —Christian Theology 1

TH 3 —Contextual Theology

ET 1 —Christian Ethics

BP 1 —Sermon Crafting and Delivery

BP 2 —Varieties in Preaching

CE 1 —Educational Ministry of the Church

CE Research

MI 1 —Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MI 2 —Contemporary Issues in Missions

ML 1 —Church Leadership and Administration

ML Research

MM 1 —Introduction to Worship

PC 1 —Pastoral Care and Counseling

Elective in the Practical Area

Free Elective