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Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology degree helps equip and prepare students for full-time Christian ministry with ordination in mind. Because PBTS only accepts students into the BTh program who already have earned two years of college studies (or have completed a two-year college program), the curriculum plan is focused on the foundations of biblical studies, historical-theological area and the broad areas in practical ministries within the span of two years in residential studies.

Graduates are expected to pastor a local church upon graduation. They can also proceed to Master of Arts in Ministry, Master of Arts in Missions, and Master of Divinity subject to the requirements of the respective graduate programs.


BI-B 1 —Biblical Hermeneutics

OT-B 1 —Old Testament Introduction

NT-B 1 —New Testament Introduction

SMP — Supervised Ministry Program (4 units)

SMP-IP —Internship (4 units)

RD 0 —Theological Thinking and Writing

TH-B 1 —Christian Theology

TH-B 2 —Gospel and Cultures

CH-B 1 —Church History

CH-B 2 —Baptist History & Distinctive

ET-B 1 —Christian Ethics

BP-B 1 —Biblical Preaching 1

BP-B 2 —Biblical Preaching 2

CE-B 1 —Educational Ministry of the Church

CE-B 2 —Principles of Transformative Education

MI-B 1—Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MI-B 2 —Contemporary Issues in Missions

MI-B 3 — Strategic Planning and Missionary Philosophy in Missions

ML-B 1 —Administration and Leadership in the Church

ML-B 2 —Pastoral Ministry

ML-B 3 —Church Stewardship

MM-B 1 —Introduction to Worship

PC-B 1 —Pastoral Care & Counseling

PC-B 2 —Interpersonal Relationships

Free Elective in the Practical Area