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Bachelor of Church Music

Bachelor of Church Music

Students under the Bachelor of Church Music program will develop competency not only in church music but also in the biblical area. They will have relatively equal proportions of performance study, supportive classes in music, and general biblical classes.

Graduates of BCM will be competent to work with general music classes and church music ministry.

Music students are required to take performance laboratory every semester they are enrolled in applied music. Performance laboratory will be on the sixth (regular) and the thirteenth (jury) Thursday of the semester.

The student is required to undergo internship. This will be arranged by the Supervised Ministry Program Director in consultation with the Music Department Director. The student is expected to be involved in the Music ministry of the Church.


BI-B 1 —Biblical Interpretation

NT-B 1 —New Testament 1

OT-B 1 —Old Testament 1

MI-B 1 —Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MM-B 1 —Introduction to Worship

PC-B 1 —Pastoral Care and Counseling

CH-B 2 — Baptist History and Distinctive

ET-B 1 — Christian Ethics

TH-B 1 — Christian Theology

TH-B 6 — Theology of Worship

TH-B 2 — Gospel and Cultures

MC-B 1 —Choral Conducting

MM-B 2 —Children’s Choir

MT-B 1 —Fundamentals of MusicTheory

MT-B 2 —Harmony and Basic Composition

MH-B 1 —Western Music History

MV-B 1 —Voice Principles and Pedagogy

MTs-B 1 —Musicianship 1 2

ME 1 —Tanglaw (1 unit)

ME 2 —Tanglaw (1 unit)

ME 3 —Tanglaw (1 unit)

ME 4 —Tanglaw (1 unit)

ME 5 —Vocal/Instrumental

Ensemble (1 unit)

ME 6 —Recital Choir (1 unit)

MAP 1 —Applied Piano 1 (2 units)

MAP 2 —Applied Piano 2 (2 units)

MAV 1 —Applied Voice 1 (2 units)

MAV 2 —Applied Voice 2 (2 units)