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Associate in Church Music

Associate in Church Music

Students under the Associate in Church Music program will develop their competency in church music. They will have relatively equal proportions of performance study and supportive classes in music. This program may be completed in one year for students enrolled full. However, since this program was first designed to cater to spouses of enrolled degree level students, a student may spread the required courses over a two—or three-year period.


OT-B 1 —Old Testament Introduction

NT-B 1 —New Testament Introduction

TH-B 6 —Theology of Worship

CH-B 2 —Baptist History and Distinctive

MC -B1 —Choral Conducting

MH-B 1 —Western Music History

MM-B 1 —Introduction to Worship

MM-B 2 —Children’s Choir

MT-B 1 —Fundamentals of Music Theory

MV-B 1 —Voice Principles and Pedagogy

MTs-B 1 —Musicianship 1 (2 units)

ME 1 —Tanglaw 1 (1 unit)

ME 2 —Tanglaw 1 (1 unit)

ME 5 —Vocal/Instrumental Ensemble (1 unit)

MAP 1 —Applied Piano 1 (2 units)

MAV 1 —Applied Voice 1 (2 units)